New to Stream: OVID’s March 2021 Movie Lineup

New to Stream: OVID’s March 2021 Movie Lineup, the curated streaming destination for documentaries and art-house films, has announced its March streaming lineup! Highlights include an exclusive, complete retrospective of 17 films (available on March 5) including Reason from India’s leading documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan.

On March 12, Gianni de Gregorio, Italy’s laconic answer to Larry David, returns to the humanist comic territory (Mid-August Lunch, The Salt of Life) with Citizens of the World about three retirees who plot to move away from Rome to find a better standard of living abroad, while Dominga Sotomayo’s Too Late to Die Young follows an isolated community in Chile right below the Andes, building a new world away from urban excesses. The slate also includes Hlynur Palmason’s Winter Brothers in a fateful tale of two brothers during a cold winter, one of whom distills moonshine made from stolen chemicals. You can check out the full lineup below!

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Complete list of films premiering on OVID through March 12th (in alphabetical order):

Citizens of the World, Gianni de Gregorio, 2019

Directed by Gianni de Gregorio; Distrib Films, Feature, 2019

Starring Ennio Fantastichini, Giorgio Colangeli, Gianni di Gregorio


Three retirees decide to move away from Rome to find a better standard of living in a country where their meagre pensions will go that much further. Planning for the trip sees the trio trawl the pubs and restaurants of a sun saturated Rome and discover that even at an old age they can still learn one or two lessons about themselves and life. Gianni Di Gregorio, Italy’s laconic answer to Larry David, returns to the humanist comic territory of arthouse hits Mid-August Lunch and The Salt of Life with Citizens of the World, a warm and delightful reflection on life with characters you’ll want to spend many more hours with long after the credits roll.

Too Late to Die Young, Dominga Sotomayor, 2018

Directed by Dominga Sotomayor; KimStim, Feature, 2018

Starring Demian Hernández, Antar Machado, Magdalena Tótoro

Chile / Brazil / Argentina / The Netherlands / Qatar

During the summer of 1990 in Chile, a small group of families lives in an isolated community right below the Andes, building a new world away from the urban excesses, with the emerging the freedom that followed the recent end of the dictatorship. In this time of change and reckoning,16-year-old Sofía and Lucas, and 10-year-old Clara, neighbors in this dry land, struggle with parents, first loves, and fears, as they prepare a big party for New Year’s Eve. They may live far from the dangers of the city, but not from those of nature.

Winter Brothers, Hlynur Palmason, 2017

Directed by Hlynur Palmason; KimStim, Feature, 2017

Starring Elliott Crosset Hove, Simon Sears, Victoria Carmen Sonne

Denmark / Iceland

We follow two brothers working in a rural chalk-mining community during a cold winter focusing on the younger brother Emil, who distills moonshine made from stolen chemicals from the factory. Emil is an outsider, an oddball, who made a conscious choice for loneliness and is only accepted by the mining community due to his older brother Johan. Emil longs for passion, for being wanted and loved.

When a fellow worker becomes sick, the moonshine and Emil are prime suspects. Gradually a violent feud erupts between him and the tightly-knit mining community. Emil feels betrayed by his brother when he finds out that the neighbor girl Anna, the subject of his unfulfilled desires, chooses his older brother instead of him.

Plus, 17 Films by Anand Patwardhan:

Reason: an 8 part documentary, 218 min, 2018

Jai Bhim Comrade, 169 mins, 2012

War and Peace, 135 mins & short version 93 mins, 2002

Fishing: In the Sea of Greed, 42 mins, 1998

A Narmada Diary, 57 mins, 1995

Five Short Films:

  • Ribbons for Peace, 5 mins, 1998
  • We Are Not Your Monkeys, 5 mins, 1996
  • Occupation: Mill Worker, 22 mins, 1996
  • Images You Didn’t See, 5 mins, 2006
  • Children of Mandala, 5 mins, 2009

Father, Son and Holy War, 120 mins, 1995

In the Name of God, 75 mins, 1992

In Memory of Friends, 60 mins, 1990

Bombay our City, 75 mins, 1985

A Time To Rise, 40 mins, 1981

Prisoners of Conscience, 45 mins, 1978

Waves of Revolution, 30 mins, 1974

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