Wonder Woman Dips 67% in Second Weekend at the Box Office

Wonder Woman Dips 67% in Second Weekend at the Domestic Box Office

Yikes! As it turns out, audiences weren’t particularly enamored with Wonder Woman 1984 as the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel dipped a massive 67% and hauled in just $5.5M at the domestic box office in its second weekend, according to Deadline. Naturally, there are a handful of reasons as to why this happened, first and foremost being the sequel’s simultaneous release on HBO Max, but its hard to look at the ho hum B+ audience score — down considerably from the original’s A+ grade back in 2017 — and lukewarm reaction from critics (60% on Rotten Tomatoes) and assume the fault lies anywhere but the picture itself.

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Clearly, moviegoers aren’t digging this iteration of Diana, who fights bad guys with love (?), doesn’t use a sword or shield and spends most of the movie galivanting with a stranger possessed by Steve Trevor. The film has amassed $28.5M domestically, but is projected to stall out at around $40M — nearly $20M less than Tenet’s suddenly not-so-disappointing $58M haul.

Obviously, WW84 was never going to do huge business amidst an ongoing pandemic, but the film did break the opening weekend milestone set by Tenet in September and was expected to at least match if not surpass Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending epic at the box office. So, again, clearly audiences want something different from their super heroine … maybe something darker, edgier … directed by Zack Snyder …

Anyways, WW84’s disappointing domestic run might have been saved had it performed admirably overseas (like Tenet), but, alas, Diana failed to do much business in China where it’s currently stalled at $25M (again, per Deadline) having collected just $800K this last weekend. It’s doing good business in Australia where a 16% drop has the pic sitting at $11.5M in the country. All told, the global tally is $118.5M with key markets, including Europe, Russia and Latin America, yet to open.

WW84 collected $672K from Imax screens. The film continues its rollout this week with exclusive IMAX previews in Russia.

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Note: WB has yet to reveal detailed streaming numbers for WW84, though it was reported by THR the film was watched by more people in its first few days than any 2020 SVOD title. 

Otherwise, domestically, Croods: A New Age pulled in $2.18M (+25%) for a running domestic total of $34.5M. The animated sequel surged past $100M over the weekend thanks to a $7.6M international haul and now stands at $115M worldwide. Meanwhile, the Tom Hanks drama News of the World collected $1.69M (-25%) for a $5.4M total to round out the Top 3.

Elsewhere, Pixar’s Soul is having a grand ole time in China where the animated pic pulled in $13.7M over its second weekend, a massive 149% jump from its $5.5M debut. Soul has amassed $25.7M in the market, with some estimations projecting it to climb past Incredibles 2 to become Pixar’s second biggest-grosser after Coco. And thanks to an additional $16.5M international haul the toon now stands at $32.5M internationally.


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