Exclusive: New John Carpenter Pins & Prints Revealed by Vice Press!

Exclusive: New John Carpenter Pins & Prints Revealed by Vice Press!

Our friends at Vice Press have provided ComingSoon.net with exclusive reveals of their latest John Carpenter pins and prints, which you can check out in our gallery along with previous Vice exclusives!

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On Tuesday, December 1 Vice Press will be releasing a series of John Carpenter prints, pins and coins. A couple of years back Vice Press released a set of quad prints for Escape from New York, Prince of Darkness, The Fog and They Live, and now artist Matt Ferguson has revisited them for a series of A2 prints released as part of VP Editions. To go along with the prints, we are also releasing a series of incredible pins and coins by Florey.

To coincide with the release, at 8pm Monday, December 30 Vice Press will be premiering a new episode of their Open Channel on YouTube. Co-hosted by Tom Luther of Drop, Matt Ferguson and James Henshaw of Vice Press will be joined by artist Florey to discuss this release and the films of John Carpenter. Matt and James will also be on hand to answer questions live.

All prints and pins will be released on Tuesday, December 1 at 5pm GMT (12pm Eastern) on www.Vice-Press.com.

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Coins Designed by Florey

All coins are 1.5” wide with a depth of 3mm made using die cast metal and include acrylic display clamshell packaging and protective coin capsule. All are limited to an edition of 125:

Antique Gold Prince of Darkness

Antique Gold The Fog

Antique Silver They Live

Antique Silver Escape From New York

Retail price – £12.99 each/ £49.99 set ($18/$68 approx)

Prints by Matt Ferguson

All prints are A2 (420mm X 594mm/ 16.5 x 23.4 inches), open edition lithograph prints with stamp of authenticity on reverse. Printed on 300gsm archival paper. Retail price – £29.99 ($40 approx):

Pins Designed by Florey

Hard enamel pins varying from 1” to 1.5” in diameter. Each comes with rubber butterfly clasp. £8.99 each ($13 approx) or available in multipack sets. There is also a limited edition John Carpenter enamel bonus pin which is available in selected multipack sets!

Officially licensed:

They Live – Copyright © 1988 STUDIOCANAL S.A.S. All Rights Reserved.

Escape From New York – Copyright © 1979 STUDIOCANAL. All Rights Reserved.

Prince of Darkness – Copyright © 1987 STUDIOCANAL. All Rights Reserved.

The Fog – Copyright © 1979 STUDIOCANAL. All Rights Reserved.