Danny Glover Offers Update on Lethal Weapon Reboot


Danny Glover Offers Update on Lethal Weapon Reboot

Danny Glover offers update on Lethal Weapon reboot

The Lethal Weapon franchise has been one of the most celebrated and hit action franchises to survive past its ’80s and ’90s run and after reported talks in January of a fifth film in the series, star Danny Glover has given an update on the potential reboot.

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In an interview with Variety, the 73-year-old actor confirmed that there “had been a conversation” in January about another film in the franchise with both Glover and co-star Mel Gibson attached the return and that “there is something of a plan.”

I don’t want to give away the plot on the script that I read, but I found the plot had very strong relevance to some of things that are happening today,” Glover said. “I can say that. But that was in January. History changes so fast. But yes, there’s been talk about it. I can only tell you, if it does happen, there is something extraordinary in it. If Lethal Weapon gives us some sort of contribution to understanding a little bit more. It would be interesting to do. It would be interesting to see how we take this within the political framework we are in; the economic framework that we are in. And especially that framework as opposed to the communities that have been affected by the kind of police violence, the kind of police standards, and the power that they exert as well. And what would be interesting from that vantage point is what that attempt could be like at this particular moment.

Created by Shane Black, the first film was directed by Richard Donner and released in 1987 and followed beleaguered veteran detective Roger Murtaugh (Glover) as he is partnered with reckless and PTSD-afflicted Martin Riggs (Gibson). The buddy comedy received rave reviews from critics and grossed over $120 million on a $15 million budget and spawned a franchise that included three sequels starring the two and a TV adaptation with Damon Wayans Sr. and Clayne Crawford taking on the roles of Murtaugh and Riggs that ran for three seasons on Fox before being cancelled.

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A fifth film has been in the talks for years, though stalled for a long time as Gibson and Glover have expressed a lack of interest and problems with various scripts offered over time until January saw the news that Lethal Weapon 5 was in active development with the duo returning alongside Donner.