David Ayer Reveals a Pivotal Harley & Joker Suicide Squad Scene

David Ayer Reveals the Truth Behind a Pivotal Harley & Joker Scene in Suicide Squad

David Ayer has been making the social media rounds a lot these days to discuss his cut of Suicide Squad. Not only did he reveal that Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) had nothing to do with Robin’s death, but he also recently confirmed that Joker actually pushed his crazed lover out of the helicopter late in the film. You can see the full exchange on Twitter below.

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From what I remember of Suicide Squad, and after, um, looking the scene up on Youtube, Harley and Joker embrace in the back of a helicopter after a tense action scene. The chopper then gets hit by a missile and Harley basically falls out. According to Ayer, Joker actually pushed her out of the helicopter, “but not to kill her.” Interesting. I’m genuinely curious to see Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad. The characters in the theatrical release looked fantastic, and the actors played their parts well, but I had a hard time caring about the story. Ayer’s cut sounds a helluva lot more interesting than what we got.

The ball is firmly in Warner Bros. court on this one. It certainly bodes well that Ayer doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward the studio, nor with James Gunn and vice versa. Ayer has also said that there’s a lot more footage of Jared Leto’s Joker nestled somewhere in the WB archives. Regardless, there’s the matter of what kind of resources the studio is willing to give Ayer to realize his true vision of the film. Warner Bros. is reportedly giving Snyder an estimated $20-30 million to properly finish his Justice League cut, but with Ayer recently confirming he wouldn’t need anywhere close to that to finish his version, many are questioning why not just allow him to go for it.

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Would you like to see a proper director’s cut of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad down the line? Let us know in the comment section below!

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