California Allowing Movie Theaters to Reopen this Week


California Allowing Movie Theaters to Reopen this Week

California allowing movie theaters to reopen this week

The state of California has released a brand new COVID-19 industry guidance for Family Entertainment Centers where it finally allows movie theaters to reopen as early as this Friday, June 12. However, the re-openings will be met with restrictions that must be strictly enforced for at least the first two weeks in order to ensure the safety of moviegoers.

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The guidelines have also indicated additional measures for the theaters including: limiting their audience capacity to 25 percent or no more than 100 people per auditorium; reconfigure or remove seats from use to ensure physical distancing of at least six feet between attendees but members of the same household could sit together as long as they maintained distance from other households; dedicate staff to help people maintain distances before and after screenings; and consider using disposable or washable seat covers in theaters.

In addition, patrons must also wear face coverings or face masks when not eating or drinking and must also be worn when entering and exiting the cinemas.

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If things started to get better, the government might relax with their limitations which would be very good news to the film industry as high-profile films such as Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Disney’s live-action Mulan can finally have their theatrical releases in July.