Jackpot: Marc Guggenheim to Write Spider-Man Universe Heroine Movie for Sony

Jackpot: Marc Guggenheim to Write Spider-Man Universe Heroine Movie for Sony

Deadline is reporting that Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) is writing the script for Sony Pictures’ Jackpot, expanding the Spider-Man universe in a new heroine movie based on the crime-fighting mom from the Marvel comics that were created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez.

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Jackpot is a superheroine with exceptional strength, and her history in the comics is a complicated one. The first incarnation was Sara Ehret, a scientist, who, while pregnant, is doing gene therapy research and is exposed to “Lot 777,” a virus that rewrote the DNA in her cells. Her baby is born healthy but she realizes in addition to being a new mom she has superhuman strength after she is forced to save her family.

Eventually, she tired of the crime-fighting burden and hands the suit to Alana Jobson, an ambitious pal who takes over the character but must ingest a Mutant Growth Hormone to live up to Jackpot’s superhuman abilities. Long story short, she is killed when teaming with Spider-Man to track down the villain Menace and is killed in action. A guilt-ridden Ehret returns to the job, keeping her identity secret as she raises a family while fighting crime.

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Besides writing for television, Guggenheim also has a few comic book credits under his belt including some installments of Jackpot (along with Brian Reed), Aquaman, Amazing Spider-Man, and  Superman/Batman. He was recently set by Jeff Robinov’s Studio 8 to adapt Prophet, the Image Comics character created by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld.


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