Disney Collected $900 Million from Avengers: Endgame


Disney Collected $900 Million from Avengers: Endgame

We all knew Disney had pocketed a gargantuan amount of money from the Marvel films, but did you know Avengers: Endgame actually netted the Mouse House close to $900 million? According to Deadline, the film cost a reported $511 million to produce and market, but ended up grossing $2.797 billion worldwide — up 78% from the “paltry” $500 million profit the studio raked in for Infinity War.

Here’s a crazy stat: the film basically covered its production cost on opening weekend when it pulled in a massive $1.2 billion exactly one year ago today — an event that somehow seems like an eternity ago. China also helped by shelling out over $614 million overall for the superhero finale.

The trade notes that many of the film’s stars received box office bonuses rather than profit shares after cash breakeven.

If those figures don’t blow your mind, consider that actor Robert Downey Jr., who tapped out as Iron Man in Endgame, added a reported $75 million to his bank account. This includes the $20 million paycheck he collected up front and the $55 million in back-end profits he ultimately secured.

The point of this story? Downey Jr. has enough money to build himself a real-life Iron Man suit. So, he should definitely get on it so we can assemble a proper team of superheroes to battle this coronavirus.

Will we ever see a film reach these historic box office numbers again? I’ll take a wild guess and assume James Cameron’s long-delayed Avatar sequels will be the next truly astonishing must-see blockbuster that will completely reshape the box office records landscape. It might even be the first $3 billion monster! (Or maybe that’s wishful thinking.)

Avengers: Endgame is now officially the highest grossing film of all time, dethroning Avatar with a $2.8 billion gross worldwide. It had also shattered records when it opened day-and-date April 26 with $1,223.6M globally, including $357.1M and $866.5M internationally. It crossed the $1B mark in just 5 days and the $2B mark in 11. Currently, the film is the #1 domestic and international release of all time, with just under $1 billion and $2 billion respectively. It’s the #1 release of all time in 25 territories, and the #3 highest-grossing film of all time in China with $629M.