Michael Mando Wants a Scorpion Spin-Off Film


Michael Mando Wants a Scorpion Spin-Off Film

One of the big surprises at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming was the introduction of Mac Gargan, aka Scorpion, as played by Better Call Saul actor Michael Mando. And it was pretty disappointing when the character didn’t show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Obviously, Sony has always wanted a Sinister 6 spin-off, which might happen if Venom continues to find success and the upcoming Morbius flick makes waves, but Mando recently came out and expressed his interest in doing a solo Scorpion film as well.

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“I definitely would,” Mando told Screen Rant. “I think that would be fascinating – a detective who goes rogue. Mac Gargan kind of goes a little bit insane, and there’s also this other story where he becomes Venom as well. I think it’s a very, very rich character; it’s a dark character. And he’s a cop at the end of the day; he’s a detective. I think that’d be something that I would definitely be something I’d like to watch.”

Mando, who, it must be said, was terrific in Season 5 of Better Call Saul (and every season before for that matter), is perfectly suited for the role, and it sounds like he did his homework. Would anyone object to this? Especially if all these characters eventually met up in the MCU?

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In the comics, Gragan was brought in by J. Jonah Jameson to track Peter Parker and discover how close he is to Spider-Man. After several failed attempts, Gargan undergoes a procedure which, naturally, goes awry and turns him into the villain Scorpion. Obviously, there’s a lot more to his character, and it would be interesting to see his story play out on the big screen.

Hopefully, it happens.