Venice Film Festival Still Moving Forward With No Cannes Collaboration


Venice Film Festival Still Moving Forward With No Cannes Collaboration

Venice Film Festival still moving forward with no Cannes collaboration

According to Variety, the upcoming 77th Venice Film Festival will still be moving forward with there planned events in September 2-12 despite the world’s ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in many conventions and festivals getting canceled or delayed including Cannes Film Festival.

Venice Biennale’s president Robert Cicutto also addressed the possibility of collaborating with Cannes as he was previously on board with the idea of doing something together with the French festival before it was postponed. However, due to Cannes’ Thierry Fremaux’s lack of communication, Cicutto has confirmed that the 2020 Venice Film Festival will continue with or without their collaboration.

“With Cannes, everything is possible, but I find it disconcerting that Thierry Fremaux keeps saying he is continuing to examine the situation and does not say what he wants to do,” Cicutto said in his interview with Italian news agency ANSA. “We are going forward with our program, and if Cannes is still thinking (about their course of action) then there is no dialogue.” 

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In addition, Cicutto has also revealed that they’re doing simulations of a typical festival day in order to prepare for the September event and that the finalize details of the upcoming festival will be done and given to the producers by the end of May.

The Venice International Film Festival is considered as the world’s oldest film festival which started 87 years ago in 1932. The upcoming 77th edition will be led by Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett, who was appointed as head jury last January 2020. recommends all readers comply with CDC guidelines and remain as isolated as possible during this urgent time.