Sony Taps Bloodshot’s David S. F. Wilson for Influx Adaptation


Sony Taps Bloodshot's David S. F. Wilson For Influx Adaptation

Sony taps Bloodshot’s David S. F. Wilson for Influx adaptation

After bringing the Valiant Comics character Bloodshot to life to some audience fanfare last month in his directorial debut, Sony is continuing its working relationship with David S. F. Wilson as they’ve tapped him to helm the adaptation of the sci-fi novel Influx, according to Deadline.

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The novel, written by Daniel Suarez and published in 2014, is set in a futuristic setting and focuses on a particle physicist who is busy perfecting a world-changing invention when his lab is infiltrated by terrorists. He’s held captive by a clandestine government department and after refusing to work with them, he is prisoned and tortured at the hands of an artificial intelligence inquisitor. He must escape the prison and discover what the government is doing to thwart them and save the world.

Sony recently acquired the rights to the Prometheus Award-winning novel, which had an adaptation previously in the works at Fox shortly after its release, and has signed Zak Olkewicz to pen the script, while Escape Artists’ Todd Black, Steve Tisch, Jason Blumenthal and Tony Shaw are attached to produce.

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Wilson, who made his debut on the Vin Diesel-starring Bloodshot, took to Twitter to express his feelings of excitement over bringing the novel to life after years of desiring to do so.

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