Gunpowder & Sky’s Dust Sets First Live Premiere with Sea Fever


Gunpowder & Sky's Dust Sets First Live Premiere with Sea Fever

Gunpowder & Sky’s Dust sets first live premiere with Sea Fever

Gunpowder & Sky is joining the list of distributors adapting to the closure of theaters across the nation by deciding to host a live streaming premiere for the upcoming Irish horror film Sea Fever through its sci-fi label Dust, marking it as the first-ever live streaming premiere for a film.

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Written and directed by Neasa Hardiman (Inhumans), the film follows marine biology student Siobhán (Hermione Corfield, Slaughterhouse Rulez) who prefers to spend her days alone in a lab but must endure a week on a fishing trawler, where she finds herself at odds with the close-knit crew. While out in the deep Atlantic, an unfathomable life forms ensnares the boat and members of the crew succumb to a strange infection, she must overcome her alienation and win the crew’s trust before all is lost.

Like everyone else, we are adjusting to life’s new challenges on a daily basis and feel Sea Fever is more relevant than ever,” Janet Brown, EVP of Acquisitions and Global Distribution for Gunpowder & Sky, said. “We are psyched to host the first-ever live experience of a film screening, and can’t wait to share it with audiences!

The April 9, 5 p.m. PST premiere will include a fully interactive Q&A with writer/director Hardiman and members of the cast led by Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman 1984) ahead of the film’s digital platform debut on April 10. The sci-fi horror originally premiered at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, where it was acquired by Gunpowder & Sky and was set to have theatrical debuts with the Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest before the theaters closed down due to pandemic concerns.

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In addition to Corfield, the film’s cast includes Nielsen, Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible 2) and Olwen Fouéré (MandyAnimals), and the first-ever live stream is set to debut on Dust’s official site page for a pay-per-view fee, which can be purchased here!