Patty Jenkins Opens Up About Thor: The Dark World Exit

Patty Jenkins Opens Up About Thor: The Dark World Exit

Patty Jenkins opens up about Thor: The Dark World exit

By now it’s no secret that Wonder Woman helmer Patty Jenkins was originally set to make her comic book debut with the 2013 Marvel Cinematic Universe outing Thor: The Dark World on recommendation from star Natalie Portman and the former’s subsequent departure over creative differences and now the director has opened up about her leave from the arguably worst installment in the MCU. (Via Collider)

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Whilst talking to Vanity Fair, Jenkins, whose only film effort prior was the crime biopic Monster that saw Charlize Theron win an Oscar and Golden Globe, revealed that the primary clash between her and the studio came in that she wanted a better quality script for the film and Marvel disagreed.

I did not believe that I could make a good movie out of the script that they were planning on doing,” Jenkins described. “I think it would have been a huge deal—it would have looked like it was my fault. It would’ve looked like, ‘Oh my God, this woman directed it and she missed all these things.’ That was the one time in my career where I really felt like, ‘Do this with [another director] and it’s not going to be a big deal and maybe they’ll understand it and love it more than I do.’ You can’t do movies you don’t believe in. The only reason to do it would be to prove to people that I could. But it wouldn’t have proved anything if I didn’t succeed. I don’t think that I would have gotten another chance. And so, I’m super grateful.

Jenkins previously discussed her disappointment a few years back on leaving the film, stating she envisioned it as a “Romeo & Juliet-style space opera,” which the final product took a few points from and then quickly sped away from as the plot progressed. On a brighter note, Jenkins did previously state her excitement over the studio hiring Taika Waititi (Jojo Rabbit) to write and direct Thor: Ragnarok:

I really have nothing but positive things to say about Marvel, because, honestly, they gave me that chance in the first place and it was not en vogue to do so,” she said. “They found Thor’s rightful director. Taika’s so good for Thor. Oh my God, I love that movie. His tone with Thor was just masterful. That felt like pure Taika to me.

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Jenkins would eventually go on to find the right comic book project for her with the DC Extended Universe’s Wonder Woman, which still sits as the highest-rated film in the franchise and grossed over $820 million at the global box office. She returned to co-write and helm the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984, which is set to hit theaters on August 14.

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