Safe House Screenwriter David Guggenheim Targeted for Bad Boys III

It’s been some time since there was last an update on the status of the potential franchise sequel Bad Boys III. That changes today as Deadline reports that Sony Pictures is looking to Safe House‘s David Guggenheim to provide the screenplay.

Although Jerry Bruckheimer is planning to produce Bad Boys III, the outlet notes that Bad Boys and Bad Boys II helmer Michael Bay is not currently involved. Franchise stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are being sought to reprise their roles as Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery, respectively.

The first Bad Boys hit theaters in 1995 and grossed more than $140 million worldwide. The sequel, Bad Boys II, followed in 2003 with a worldwide gross of nearly $275 million.

Following Safe House, Guggenheim provided the screenplay for the Nicolas Cage thriller Stolen and, among several other projects, is set to provide the screenplay for a Safe House sequel.


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