Doctor Sleep's Mike Flanagan Has a Pitch for New Nightmare on Elm Street

Doctor Sleep’s Mike Flanagan Has a Nightmare on Elm Street Pitch

Doctor Sleep’s Mike Flanagan has a pitch for new Nightmare on Elm Street

Alongside Halloween and Friday the 13th, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is one of the most celebrated and long-running horror series in cinematic history. After Wes Craven’s estate unveiled yesterday they were accepting pitches for new installments, Doctor Sleep writer/director Mike Flanagan has taken to Twitter to reveal he has an idea in mind for the franchise!

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While no further details or names have been brought up yet, Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah’s SpectreVision might be interested in sending along a pitch of their own as the producers recently told us that they have “long fantasized having a crack at Nightmare on Elm Street.”

“We’ve been in touch with the rights holders many times. It’s a real dream project for us to have a chance to make a film in that franchise. And like I said, we have a very specific take on it. I think it would be very surprising and exciting to remake the franchise,” Noah previously said.

Wood added, “It’s a universe and a character and an idea that would be a fun sandbox to play in. It’s trying to do something different… It’s also interesting to think about what could we do with a franchise like that which reinvents itself or creates something that is playing with the tone and key of the franchise, but is doing it differently or taking it in a slightly new direction.” 

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The original A Nightmare on Elm Street was written and directed by Wes Craven and released in 1984. The movie starred Robert Englund as the horror icon Freddy Krueger, Heather Langenkamp, and Johnny Depp. The horror film followed a group of teenagers whose dreams are invaded by the monstrous spirit of a slain child murderer, Freddy, who seeks revenge against the teens’ parents who were responsible for his death.

Flanagan has been a rising star in the horror genre for the past six years beginning with 2013’s Oculus and following it up with the acclaimed Netflix slasher thriller Hush and celebrated prequel Ouija: Origin of Evil in 2016. He continued his relationship with Netflix in 2017 with his first Stephen King adaptation, Gerald’s Game, which received highly positive reviews, followed by the horror series The Haunting of Hill House, which received similar acclaim. He would once again step in to the Stephen King sandbox for this year’s Doctor Sleep which, though receiving highly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, has been underperforming at the box office in its two weeks since release.


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