Peter Fonda’s Most Memorable Movie Quotes


9 of Peter Fonda's Most Memorable Movie Quotes

Peter Fonda’s Most Memorable Movie Quotes is taking a look at some of the most memorable lines ever spoken by an actor who changed the game. Check out the picks in the gallery below!

Along with Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern, Peter Fonda co-wrote Easy Rider, a film that will forever be the catapult that helped spring cinema into the counter-culture genre. Last week, Peter Fonda passed away leaving behind a prolific career in film—spanning approximately 116 credited roles. From starring roles to cameo roles in films like Wild Hogs, Ghost Rider, and shows like Californication Fonda has been everywhere. Over the course of his filmography, many lines were spoken in a way that only Peter Fonda could deliver.

A good line can encapsulate a good character and in turn a good film. Early on in his career, Fonda’s indie characters seemed to reflex his sense of rebellion and freedom; his roles revolved around the outcasts, the cast aside, the forgotten. Being the youngest Fonda, in a family of renowned filmmakers, Peter had a lot to live up to. Did he care? Probably not. Knowing who you are means diluting any sort of concern for the opinion of others. This is probably why, straight out the gate, he led the counterculture of the 60s that revolutionized Hollywood. Here’s a look back at some memorable quotes and exchanges delivered by some of his most memorable characters.