The 12 Most Endearing Cinematic Slobs


12 of The Most Endearing Cinematic Slobs

The 12 Most Endearing Cinematic Slobs sluggishly browsed through a handful of films in order to relate to a bunch of underachievers or slobs. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

No one really enjoys being responsible and clean. Do they? There’s something extraordinarily liberating about through your clothes on the ground, spilling your drink and being late for work. This is probably why some of the most beloved characters in cinema do not have their shit together; slobs are just a reflection of the grimy loser inside all of us.

The charismatic slob is a world-renowned archetype; the overweight best friend, the messy roommate, the lost protagonist. For those of us aimlessly wandering through life with stains on our shirts due to an intense pizza-eating movie marathon the night before, here are some characters on that same page—ones who are just a mess.