Tarantino Considering TV Spin-Off of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Bounty Law: Tarantino Considering TV Spin-Off of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

The world of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was fully realized by the filmmaker, including the fictional TV shows that its lead characters star in. In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton stars in a western TV series titled Bounty Law, and speaking with Deadline, Tarantino says he wrote full episodes of the series.

“Two things I had in mind that I wanted to work on (after), and I did, during that period of time. I wrote a play and I wrote five episodes of a TV series. It’s Bounty Law….I ended up starting to really like the idea of Jake Cahill, as a character. I really started loving those half hour ’50s Western scripts. The idea that you could write something like 24 minutes, where there was so much story crammed in those half hour shows, with a real beginning and a middle and an end. Also it was kind of fun because you can’t just keep doubling down and exploring. At some point, you’ve got to wrap it up. I really liked that idea. I’ve written five different episodes for a possible Bounty Law black-and-white half hour Western show.”

Tarantino admitted he’s not sure what he’ll end up doing with the scripts, since he’s pretty sure DiCaprio won’t want to do it.

“If he wants to do it that would be great. I’m not planning on that but I have an outline for about three other episodes. So I’ll probably write about three other episodes and then just do it. Direct every episode. They’re a half hour long. I wouldn’t mind doing it for Netflix but I’d want to shoot it on film. Showtime, HBO, Netflix, FX. But I also like the fact that I built up this mythology for Bounty Law and Jake Cahill.”

Tarantino has a lot on his plate however, and it remains to be seen if this project will ever be realized (along with his pending Star Trek movie).

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will debut in theaters on July 26. Get your tickets by clicking here!


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