Lindsey Beer Set to Write Hello Kitty Movie


Lindsey Beer set to write Hello Kitty movie

Lindsey Beer set to write Hello Kitty movie

According to Deadline, New Line Cinema has tapped Lindsey Beer to write the Hello Kitty movie. The screenwriter’s previous credits include Sony’s upcoming Masters of the Universe, and films such as Transformers: The Last NightGodzilla Vs. Kong and Star Trek.

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Hello Kitty, created by Yuko Shimizu in 1974, has appeared in various video games, animated series and movies, comic books and even an album centered around her. It is the second highest-grossing media franchise of all time, having grossed over $50 billion as of 2018.

Even with her international success across all platforms, Sanrio has been very protective of the film rights to the titular character over the four decades, but New Line inked a deal with the Japanese company that was seen as a landmark for the industry.

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The Hello Kitty adaptation will also mark New Line Cinema’s first foray into family-friendly fare in over a decade, with the majority of their 2010s renaissance consisting of horror movies including the hit Conjuring franchise and its spinoffs and the acclaimed modern adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel It, which will have a second part hit theaters on September 6.