Original Jaws Shark Restored for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Original Jaws Shark Restored for Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the original shark used in Jaws, nicknamed Bruce, has been “fully transformed.” The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures said that the only details remaining are the eyes and teeth. You can check out images of the shark’s restoration, thanks to “special effects legend” and Emmy winner Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Pacific), his studio KNB EFX, and the Academy Museum conservation team below!

Bruce is the only surviving shark prop from Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, which centered around the shark terrorizing a New England tourist town. The film’s production was confronted with plenty of issues, namely the mechanical sharks constantly malfunctioning.

In 2016, Nathan Adlen bequeathed the shark to the Museum. Adlen’s father, Sam, acquired the prop after Bruce was scrapped by the studio along with a few old stunt cars. Until Bruce made his way to the Academy Museum, he was displayed at Sam Adlen’s junkyard.

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The Academy Museum says this will be the fourth and final version of the shark, made from fiberglass, made from the original model. They also announced that fans will not get to see the shark in person for quite some time, as the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will not open before the 92nd Academy Awards on February 9, 2020.

An Academy Museum spokesperson said: “As we continue working through the permitting process and move closer to completion, we are weighing the overall schedule for major industry events in 2020, and on this basis will choose the optimal moment for our official opening.”


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