School’s Out Forever: Rebellion Adapting Afterblight Chronicles Post-Apocalyptic Thriller


School's Out Forever: Rebellion Adapting Afterblight Chronicles Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

School’s Out Forever: Rebellion adapting Afterblight Chronicles post-apocalyptic thriller

Variety is reporting that the post-apocalyptic thriller School’s Out Forever will serve as Rebellion’s (Judge Dredd, 2000 AD) first in-house project utilizing their new studio in England.

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School’s Out Forever is an adaptation of the first installment in a trilogy from author Scott K. Andrews. The story follows a 15-year-old who flees to his school as a safe haven after an apocalyptic event wipes out most of the world’s population. The book comes from Rebellion’s Afterblight Chronicles, a shared world from Rebellion’s Abaddon Books that features contributions from numerous authors.

“It’s a great hook — what happens if the world is ending and your only option is to go back to school,” Ben Smith, Rebellion’s head of film, TV, and publishing, told the outlet. “The film is the first part of our wider move into physical production and a significant first building block.”

In addition to the new feature, the company will be developing projects based on their comic book and publishing shared words. They will be focusing on a new Judge Dredd TV series as well as a Rogue Trooper project from director Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft). Rebellion is also focusing on creating various film and TV series, intent on shared-world projects.

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School’s Out Forever will be written, directed, and produced by Emma Biggins (Slaughterhouse Rulez) and Oliver Milburn (Dunroamin). The thriller is currently in pre-production and will begin filming this summer.