David Harbour Opens Up About Hellboy’s ‘Major Problems’


David Harbour Opens Up About Hellboy's 'Major Problems'

David Harbour opens up about Hellboy’s ‘major problems’

The R-rated Hellboy reboot was one of this year’s biggest disappointments, both from a critical and financial standpoint. Now, s star David Harbour, who believes the Marvel films are partially to blame for Hellboy’s failure.

“The problem that I have with comic book movies nowadays is that I think, and it’s a result of the power of Marvel stuff, it’s like chocolate, it’s a flavor,” the actor told Digital Spy. “So everybody goes chocolate is delicious and these guys make the best chocolate. So as you judge the movies, it’s like, ‘Well it’s not as chocolatey as this, this does not taste like chocolate at all.'”

He added that he would like to see more “flavors” at the cinema before finally acknowledging the new take on Hellboy has “major problems.”

“We did our best, but there’s so many voices that go into these things and they’re not always going to work out. I did what I could do and I feel proud of what I did, but ultimately I’m not in control of a lot of those things.”

Neil Marshall (The DescentGame of Thrones) directed the new take on the character which also starred Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, Sasha Lane, and Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-0LOST) is playing Major Ben Daimio.