Cathy Yan to Direct A24’s Coming-of-Age Drama Sour Hearts


Cathy Yan to Direct A24's Coming-of-Age Drama Sour Hearts

Cathy Yan to direct A24’s coming-of-age drama Sour Hearts

According to Variety, Birds of Prey helmer Cathy Yan has signed on to direct A24’s upcoming coming-of-age drama Sour Hearts which centers around Chinese immigrants as they deal with the difficulties of living in a completely different environment and culture. Based on Jenny Zhang’s short-story collection of the same name, the script will be co-written by Yan and Zhang.

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Sour Hearts will begin from the perspective of a girl growing up in the outer boroughs of New York in the ’90s. With parents newly arrived from Shanghai, the family works through the unique trials of ascending to the middle class. A coming-of-age tale told with insight and humor, the story offers a sweeping perspective on the humility and heartache of the immigrant experience, as told from the point of view of children and parents.

This project will be Yan’s third directorial feature-length film with A24 set to finance and handle the film’s distribution. Zhang’s collection was published last August 2017 where it garnered praise from the likes of The New Yorker, Orprah Magazine, New York Magazine, and Esquire.

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After directing her first movie Dead Pigs, Cathy Yan has signed on to direct Warner Bros. and DC Films’ upcoming Birds of Prey, making her the first Asian woman to direct a major superhero film. From a script written by Christina Hodson, the females-led movie is scheduled to hit the theaters on February 7, 2020.

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