Exclusive: The Smurfs 3 Will Include an Origin Story


Ever wonder where the Smurfs and Gargamel came from?

Having come from Peyo’s beloved comics and the 1980s animated TV show, the characters in Sony Pictures Animation’s 2011 feature film The Smurfs never really required much backstory. Smurfs exist, Gargamel’s after their essence, and both can travel through a portal to our world, period. It works for the sake of the film, but it did leave Gargamel himself, Hank Azaria, curious about how they all came to be and now he could get a more definitive explanation in The Smurfs 3.

While at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas to talk to the actors about the upcoming The Smurfs 2, ComingSoon.net questioned Gargamel’s origins to which Azaria revealed, “I hear that the third movie, if there is one, might actually deal with the genuine origin of how all these characters ran into each other way back when.”

Azaria couldn’t elaborate because now those details are top secret, but he did enlighten us on his own image of Gargamel’s past. “I imagine Gargamel having attended a Harry Potter-like academy in his youth for wizards, and was sort of the black sheep – first of all, wasn’t very good. Second of all, he must have thought the way to really be a powerful magician is to grab these Smurfs and grab their essence and everybody must have said, ‘You’re an idiot. Don’t waste your life doing that.’ And he’s been trying his whole life to prove them wrong.”

Sony Pictures has already set aside a date for The Smurfs 3 to open on July 15, 2015, but before we get to that, The Smurfs 2 must prove itself at the box office when it arrives on Wednesday, July 29.

Look for more interviews with Azaria and the rest of the cast sometime before then, and you can watch Azaria talking about the impending threequel in the video player below.