Samson Kayo Joins Idris Elba in Mouse Guard Movie


Samson Kayo joins Idris Elba in Mouse Guard movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, British comedian Samson Kayo has jumped aboard the motion-capture feature Mouse Guard, joining the likes of Idris Elba, Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The young star will play Saxson, a member of the guard “who has a fiery temperament and an inclination for melodrama.”

Kayo is best known for the comedy series Timewasters and the sketch series Famalam, for which he was nominated for a BAFTA and two Royal Television Society Awards.

Based on the graphic novels, Mouse Guard will follow the titular order of mice who act as the protectors of a mystical medieval world from foes ranging from predators including foxes and eagles, as well as other evil rodents.

Elba stars as Celanawe, an Obi-Wan mentor-like figure who was previously a legendary champion and who was thought to have vanished a long time ago. Serkis will play Midnight, the Guard’s blacksmith who turn against the group and becomes the antagonist of the story, while Brodie-Sangster will portray Lieam, one of the order’s newest and youngest members who will have to step up and prove his worth early into his adventurer career.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story scribe Gary Whitta will pen the screenplay for the Mouse Guard movie, which sees Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves producing. Reeves’ own Sixth & Idaho will produce along with Mouse Guard publisher Boom! Studios’ Ross Richie and Stephen Christy.

The film will be a Maze Runner reunion between Brodie-Sangster, who starred in all three films as one of the main characters, Newt, and director Wes Ball, who made his feature directorial debut with the blockbuster adaptation trilogy at Fox that garnered nearly $1 billion across its three films.

On the series official website, creator David Petersen has previously revealed he wanted a film adaptation “to be done correctly,” hoping to see a film in keeping with the series all-ages material and that it would be a CG heavy film, and it appears he’s getting his wish. Following the success of Disney’s The Jungle Book, the studio is eager to make a live-action version of the film albeit with CG characters via performance capture.

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In the world of Mouse Guard, mice struggle to live safely and prosper amongst harsh conditions and a host of predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed: more than just soldiers, they are guides for common mice looking to journey without confrontation from one village to another. They see to their duty with fearless dedication so that they may not simply exist, but truly live.