Disney Planning to Shutter Fox 2000 Label


Disney Planning to Shutter Fox 2000 Label

Disney planning to shutter Fox 2000 label

As the acquisition of Fox completed this week, The Walt Disney Company has begun the process of deciding what parts of their newly acquired businesses they do and don’t want to continue to pursue, something that could result in 4,000 layoffs if not more as redundancies are identified across the company.

The first of these decisions that has seemingly been made on the film side is that the Fox 2000 label will be retired. Deadline reports that the division of the company, run by executive Elizabeth Gabler, will cease to exist after the release of Woman in the Window by Joe Wright this October. Any projects set up at the label that remained in development may no longer move forward.

The Fox 2000 label was most well known for producing mid-budget range movies for the studio with some of their more popular tiles including Walk the Line, The Fault In Our Stars, The Devil Wears Prada, and Marley & Me. Other notable films from the label include Hidden Figures, which grossed  $235 million worldwide and was nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Picture; and recent films like Love, Simon and The Hate U Give.

It remains to be seen if other films of this nature will still be produced under the “20th Century Fox” film label moving forward, but it seems unlikely as Disney is a studio built on franchise IP.