MoviePass Unveils Another New Subscription Plan

MoviePass unveils another new subscription plan

The powers that be at MoviePass have unveiled yet another subscription plan to draw in consumers, according to Entertainment Weekly. The new plan will feature a limited-time upfront cost of $119.40 for a year ($9.95 per month). Month-to-month subscribers can sign up for another limited-time offer of $14.95 per month. Both subscription plans will then revert to a $19.95 per month deal. These plans will be, in the company’s own words “uncapped.”

What precisely “uncapped” means in MoviePass’s context is not entirely transparent. According to the MoviePass website“Your movie choices may be restricted due to excessive individual usage which negatively impacts system-wide capacity.” In theory, “uncapped” subscribers should be able to use their pass every day. Whether that works in practice, however, remains to be seen.

MoviePass has consistently made headlines over the last two years since it first dropped its per-month rate from $30 to $9.95 in August 2017 and then from $9.95 to $6.95 in November of the same year. Since then, the company has offered a somewhat tumultuous experience to users.

In April 2018, MoviePass blocked users from seeing any movie more than once. Then, amidst big summer releases last July, Moviepass launched “Peak Pricing,” which charged a fee for users who sought to attend a popular film or showtime. A month later (in the wake of a brouhaha over the release of Mission: Impossible — Fallout), MoviePass slashed its offerings from one movie each day to just three per month. In the time since, seemingly-random blackouts to various films and price changes have become commonplace.

It is clear that MoviePass is looking to draw customers back to its service with their “uncapped” plan, but whether moviegoers will be willing to put the company’s dramatic past behind them and sign up is unclear.