Mattel Films’ Robbie Brenner Talks Hot Wheels Movie & More!


Mattel to Incorporate Both Storytelling & Spectacle in Upcoming Films

Mattel to incorporate both storytelling & spectacle in upcoming films

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, head of Mattel Films Robbie Brenner revealed that they’re planning to integrate both storytelling and spectacle in their upcoming films and projects in development. Mattel is currently busy developing four new potential franchises based on their popular toys such as Hot Wheels, American Girl, View-Master and Barbie, which will be led by Margot Robbie, who will also serve as producer.

“It’s got to be a hybrid of both, but it all starts with story and rich characters and wish fulfillment and wonder,” said Brenner. “All of the things Mattel embodies. We want those to live in all our movies.”

When asked about Mattel’s toy company rival, Brenner said that they’re hoping to also compete with Hasbro in terms of the toy-to-film genre. However, she further added that Hasbro’s big scale Transformers franchise does not affect any creative decisions they will make for their upcoming films like Hot Wheels.

“No, I don’t think it does,” Brenner explained. “We’re working closely with Warner Bros. on what the creative vision for the movie is going to be and what is the best story. Obviously, it’s a franchise. How do we make the best version of what that movie will be? No, it does not need to be a $300 million movie.”

Mattel is also reportedly developing 22 new shows that will be a mixture of live action and animation. These projects are aimed to be release on multiple platforms. The toy company didn’t give any specific titles or brands that are being developed but promised that the shows will be a wealth of genres, including action/adventure, comedy, game shows, and more. Their aim is to appeal to a wide range of potential audiences, including boys and girls from toddlers to preschoolers to tweens, teens and families.

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