Taika Waititi Wants To Do Another Marvel Movie, But Not Guardians 3


Taika Waititi Wants To Do Another Marvel Movie, but Not Guardians 3

Taika Waititi wants to do another Marvel movie, but not Guardians 3

After hitting it big with the commercial and critical hit Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi is anxious to jump into another Marvel gig, but is still contemplating which one. Though, according to Deadline, it certainly won’t be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

“I want to do another movie with them,” Waititi said at FX’s TCA panel.

He also cited his reasoning for not wanting to direct Guardians 3, which he believes is a series that doesn’t belong to him. “For me, those are James (Gunn)’s films. Going into something like that with his stamp all over his films, would be like going into someone’s house and saying ‘Hey, I’m your new dad, and this is how we make peanut butter sandwiches now. It feels kind of awkward.”

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That mentality didn’t keep Waititi from directing an episode of Jon Favreau’s upcoming Star Wars series The Mandalorian, an opportunity Waititi said was “amazing,” whilst calling Favreau a genius.

“It’s fun doing something in the Star Wars universe,” he continued. “It’s a strangest to see a stormtrooper, and then when you’re doing a scene with 50 or 60 of them, it’s amazing.”

However, he revealed that The Mandalorian won’t adhere to the tone he set in Ragnarok, explaining, “Star Wars is very different to the Marvel style. The tone of the first films really should be adhered to, it’s what the fans like. You can’t disrespect it. Definitely my tone is in there.”

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Waititi is currently in post production on his latest directorial effort, Jojo Rabbit, and is set to release the FX series What We Do in the Shadows, based on his 2014 film of the same name, later this year.