Run: Sarah Paulson to Star in New Thriller Set For 2020


Run: Sarah Paulson to Star

Run: Sarah Paulson to star in new thriller set for 2020

The director of last year’s John Cho-starring Searching is back, and he’s got another big name to star this time. Aneesh Chaganty, who helmed the tech-facing Searching, will return with a slightly more conventional thriller, titled Run, per Bloody Disgusting. The film has a scheduled release date of January 24, 2020.

Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Birdbox) will star as a mother who raises her teenage daughter in isolation, only to see her life begin to unravel as she discovers her mother’s sinister secret. The film also stars Pat Healy (Velvet Buzzsaw) and newcomer Kiera Allen.

Chaganty co-write the screenplay with his Searching co-writer Sev Ohanian. The writer/director first got acclaim with his viral video Seeds, which racked up more than a million views in under 24 hours on YouTube. Filmed with Google Glass, the video got him invited to join Google Creative Labs, where he spent two years developing commercials for the tech giant.

He initially pitched Searching as a short film, but got a feature-length budget instead. The film later premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year and was met with praise from both audiences and critics.