Jon Favreau Stirs Up Chef

After directing the first two Iron Man mega-blockbusters and with the lukewarm reception to Cowboys & Aliens, Favreau was looking for something different and after dropping out of the planned musical adaption of Jersey Boys, he has decided to return to his indie roots by writing, directing and starring in a comedy currently called Chef, according to Variety.

Not to be confused with the long in development movie of the same name currently set up at the Weinstein Company with Bradley Cooper attached, Favreau is talking with financiers and talent who could join the project and make it happen.

Not a lot is known about the plot of the film except that it would take pace in a Los Angeles-based restaurant run by an emotional chef, played by Favreau.

This would be the smallest budget film he’s made as a director since Made in 2001, which was also the last movie he directed in which he also played a starring role, compared to his smaller roles in Elf and the Iron Man films.

As an actor, Favreau will next be seen in Iron Man 3 and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.

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