Top 5 Chris Hemsworth Movies

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The Top 5 Chris Hemsworth Movies

As one of today’s most recognized actors, Chris Hemsworth seems to be just getting starting. Following a small appearance in J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, he burst into the public eye with 2011’s Thor, he became an international superstar. His brothers Luke (Westworld) and Liam (The Hunger Games) certainly haven’t had the break their middle brother has. His acting chops have come a long way. His project choices outside of Thor has been diverse. Dabbling in comedy, drama and other action films outside of the MCU, Hemsworth has become a household name and with a new film out, he continues to choose interesting projects. His time in the MCU hasn’t come to an end just yet, and it is safe to say his acting career is far from over. Here’s a look at his five best movies.

#5. Rush

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Stepping into the role of Formula One driver James Hunt, Hemsworth proved he had serious dramatic chops in Ron Howard‘s biopic. The movie follows Hunt and his rivalry with Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). Rush features some well shot and very thrilling race sequences, capturing all the drama and danger of a Formula One race. Hemsworth turns in one of best dramatic turns showing his ability to take on a complex character. The two leads exude a believable and contentious dynamic that is one of the strongest points of the movie.

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#4. Bad Times at the El Royale

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With the potential to move up the list, Hemsworth delivers an unsettling turn in Drew Goddard’s new thriller. As a creepy and bizarre cult leader, Hemsworth’s villain often steals the show. As for the rest of the film, the cast is terrific, the plot is wholly unique and overall, it’s just a really fun time in the theater. Goddard’s original approach to the material is refreshing and entirely entertaining. The films frenetic energy and lived in characters make the film even more special. It seems to be a film destined for a cult following, no pun intended, much like the next film on this list.

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#3. The Cabin in the Woods

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Goddard and Hemsworth struck gold first in this 2012 horror thriller. Hemsworth plays a very convincing jock who is some a degree, a bit of an airhead. The movie found Goddard collaborating with Joss Whedon on a script that handles it’s intentionally cliched characters perfectly. It’s meta, often hilarious while still managing to pack to a thrilling punch. In a time where self-aware films have become popular, i.e. the Jump Street franchise and DeadpoolThe Cabin in the Woods plays with just the right of satirical postmodernism to never feel pretentious.

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#2. Thor: Ragnarok

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Kenneth Branagh’s take on Thor is an underrated MCU film. Alan Taylor’s follow up is often considered one of the franchises lesser offerings. When Taika Watiti’s take on the character hit theaters, audiences and critics were floored. Ragnarok offers up a hysterically funny and somewhat satirical look at comic book films. Watiti’s humor plays up the absurdity of the world, without ever mocking it. If Thor’s solo stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe conclude with this trilogy, this film is certainly a fantastic way to go out. Injecting new life into Thor’s world, Ragnarok is plain fun.

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#1. Avengers: Infinity War

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With a career just under a decade old, it is no surprise Hemsworth’s two best movies are in the MCU. After all, he has appeared as Thor six times. In Infinity War, Hemsworth’s turn as Thor is crucial to the plot of defeating Thanos. He exudes some very funny and natural chemistry with the likes of Star-Lord and in particular, Rocket Raccoon. As an integral part of the movie, Hemsworth gives a solid performance with some complex layers to his character. The movie delivers a powerful knockout punch for audiences as it signals the beginning of the end for the heroes we have seen progress over twenty plus movies. With one last turn as Thor on the books (as of now) Hemsworth’s performances and the complexities of the character have certainly progressed well over the last few years.

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