Exclusive Preview of Svengoolie Parody From MAD #4!


Exclusive Preview of Svengoolie Parody From MAD #4!

Exclusive preview of Svengoolie parody from MAD #4!

Greetings, fellow chicken throwers! ComingSoon.net has been given a special exclusive preview for the Svengoolie parody in MAD issue #4, along with the issue cover. We also have an exclusive quote from Sven himself, Rich Koz. Check out the exclusive Svengoolie parody preview by Ian Boothby and Tom Richmond in the gallery below, and check out the new issue of MAD when it hits the stands on October 9, just in time for Halloween season!

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“I have to say- next year will mark 40 years since I first played the Svengoolie character- and being in Mad Magazine- and being associated with ‘the usual gang of idiots’- is definitely a high point of my career!” Rich Koz (Svengoolie) told exclusively told ComingSoon.net. “Ian and Tom’s work is definitely the modern equivalent of the hilarious iconic satires by the original Mad masters- Wally Wood, Will Elder, and Jack Davis (can you tell that I’m a long-time fan of Mad?!)”

Svengoolie is long-running local Chicago hosted horror movie show that currently airs nationally on the MeTV network every Saturday night. The program originated as Screaming Yellow Theater with host Svengoolie, with Jerry G. Bishop serving as host and original Sven from 1970-1973. Rich Koz began as a fan of the show, sending in sketch ideas, until he became an actual member of the writing staff. Koz revived the show from 1979 to 1986 as Son of Svengoolie, then upon a third revival in 1994 became simply Svengoolie, and has been broadcast on MeTV since 2011.

The program is known for showing classic Universal and Hammer monster movies buffered by clever host segments, which include commercial parodies, convention appearances, a talking chicken puppet named Kerwyn (voiced by Koz) who reads viewer mail and a ghoulish musical accompanist named Doug Graves (Doug Scharf). In recent years the show has featured several celebrity guests, including fans like Mark Hamill, Gilbert Gottfried, Dana Gould and David Dastmalchian.

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What do you think of the upcoming Svengoolie parody from MAD? Are you a dedicated fan of Sven? Let us know in the comments below!