A Brief History of Nerds Becoming Supervillains


A Brief History of Nerds Becoming Supervillains

A Brief History of Nerds Becoming Supervillains

As anyone who has ever read an internet comment section knows, many disenfranchised nerds seem to take on the role of bully as soon as they get a little bit of power. So it goes in superhero movies as well, with many a bespectacled dweeb gaining superpowers and then using them to take on the comic book heroes we know and love. Check out ComingSoon.net’s rundown of A Brief History of Nerds Becoming Supervillains in the gallery below!

Why does Hollywood keep going back to this trope? Do they see it as a reflection of the audience that reads comic books? Is it a way of slyly subverting the notion of the powerless becoming the powerful? Do studio execs just hate nerds? We may never know, but we do know this trope/cliche is not going anywhere. Just recently we saw early photos from Wonder Woman 1984 depicting Kristin Wiig’s Barbara Minerva as a dowdy glasses-wearing geek in a museum prior to becoming the supervillain Cheetah.

This article coincides with the upcoming Insight Editions release of DC: Anatomy of a Metahuman, which gives super comic book nerds the chance to learn what makes their favorite DC superheroes and supervillains tick. Check out an EXCLUSIVE image of Killer Frost from the book above, and click here to pre-order your copy before it hits stores on September 18!

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From detailed theories on how Superman’s eyes shoot heat rays to an in-depth exploration of how Aquaman is able to breathe underwater, the book delves into the deepest secrets of these classic characters. Featuring all-new, original illustrations by world-renowned comic artist Ming Doyle, this tome will change the way DC fans look at metahumans forever.

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