30 Movies That Stopped Filming and Started Over


30 Movies That Stopped Filming and Started Over

30 Movies That Stopped Filming and Started Over

With the troubled production of Solo: A Star Wars Story at the forefront of everyone’s mind as we near the film’s May 25 release date, we started thinking about other films that had a similar troubled history. Hence, ComingSoon.net is presenting our list of 30 Movies That Stopped Filming and Started Over, which you can check out in the gallery below!

Now keep in mind, these films do not include movies like Justice League or Rogue One that may have simply had extensive reshoots. We’re talking about movies that either fired the director and reshot nearly all the previous footage, or retained the director and simply started over from scratch due to creative, casting or production issues. It’s common knowledge that some of the most successful films often have troubled productions, and at least half of our list contain big hits you might not have known were touch-and-go at one point. There are also, of course, movies that turned into huge losers both critically and at the box office.

As for Solo, we did not include that film in the list itself because facts are still a little nebulous as to how much of original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s footage remains in the final cut. Word has it that Ron Howard may have reshot as much as 80% of their footage, despite the fact that the original team was nearly 90% done with principal photography at the time of their termination by Lucasfilm. Only time (and NDAs) will tell if the studio ever allows us to know the true story behind the film, or see any of those excised sequences.

Which of these 30 Movies That Stopped Filming and Started Over were you most surprised to learn about? Do you know of any other good stories of such stop-and-start productions? Let us know in the comments below!

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