All of the Saw Traps Ranked

All of the Saw Traps Ranked

If it’s Halloween, it must be Saw. It’s been seven years since that annual franchise, that coated every October in blood and guts, has torn someone limb from limb, but this Friday sees the release of Lionsgate‘s Jigsaw, the eighth film in the Saw series. Ahead of the film’s release, we’re ranking all the Saw traps from the original seven films, from the infamous Needle Pit and the Steam Maze to the extensive game that gave the series its title.

(For the sake of clarity, “traps” for this list will not include the countless guns suspended in the air or other traps sprung by police as they enter Jigsaw’s various lairs.)

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The upcoming sequel, which fittingly comes seven years after Saw: The Final Chapter, will star Laura Vandervoort (Bitten, Smallville) Hannah Anderson (Shoot the MessengerLizzie Borden Took an Ax), Brittany Allen, Clé Bennett (The LineThe Expanse), Callum Keith Rennie (Battlestar Galactica), Matt Passmore (The Glades), Paul Braunstein (The Thing), and Tobin Bell.

The eighth Saw movie is directed by Michael and Peter Spierig (Daybreakers) from a script by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg (Piranha 3D, Sorority Row) alongside original creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Mark Burg, Gregg Hoffman, and Oren Koules are producing, as they have on all the previous films in the franchise.

All seven previous Saw films have a combined worldwide box office gross upwards of $870 million on a combined budget of roughly $67 million.


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