Weta Collecta October Box Gallery With The Hobbit and More!

Weta Workshop has provided ComingSoon.net the chance to take a look inside their Weta Collecta October box, the first such box from the special effects and prop company company behind The Lord of the Rings, Avatar and other fan-favorite films! This month’s box includes items from The Hobbit trilogy, Ghost in the Shell and Warcraft, all of which you can check out in our unboxing gallery below!

Click here to order the Weta Collecta October box before 10/15!

What will you find in a Weta Collecta? For a U.S. $50 box you’ll find $150 dollars worth of Weta Workshop mystery goodies! Each box is guaranteed to include a collectible created by real film artists, as well as a printed t-shirt, with a whole heap of other cool stuff from the world of Middle-earth and far beyond. The exact contents of the Weta Collecta shall remain unknown until it lands mysteriously on your doorstep, with different items in different boxes.

Keep it secret, keep it safe… because your Weta Collecta represents your chance to join Weta in Wellington, New Zealand! Those that get creative with their Weta Collecta could win a trip for two to New Zealand to have lunch with Weta Workshop co-founders Richard Taylor & Tania Rodger. Before October 31, snap a photo with all your Collecta goodies, upload it to WetaWorkshop.com/win, and you and a friend could be flying to Wellington, New Zealand from anywhere in the world!

What’s your favorite item in the Weta Collecta October box? Let us know in the comments below!


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