Visits the Set of A Bad Moms Christmas! Visits the Set of A Bad Moms Christmas! visits the set of A Bad Moms Christmas

‘Twas the night of May 11, and all through the mall,

The shoppers in Atlanta were having a ball.

Though it was a scorching hot evening and they were all sweating,

The place of their shopping was a live movie setting.

As people attempted to go ’bout their business,

The cameras were rolling on ‘A Bad Moms Christmas.’

In keeping with the season and the first film’s success,

The production was working on a tedious process.

By assembling the stars in a yuletide collage

and creating a festive but rowdy montage.

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn,

they all have returned, their characters not gone!

They have entered the mall to blow off some steam,

they began to get mischievous, they began to scheme.

Their first stop we saw, complete with a festive aroma

was the Christmas-themed dressing of Williams-Sonoma.

The trio stop for some cider samples in a tiny cup,

but Hahn’s character Carla decides to spice it up.

She takes from her bag a huge bottle of liquor,

and pours it on the samples to give them a kicker.


Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are back in the director’s chair,

And if someone was ready to make more Christmas fare,

it’s these two, whose Christmas output is unsurpassed

(their credits include “Four Christmases” & “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”).

It may surprise some to learn this female-lead franchise

was created by two dudes, just two regular guys.

In making the sequel, Lucas says they wanted to refrain

from that old sequel trap “making the same movie again.”

When brain storming ideas for the next one,

They landed on Christmas, and knew they had won.

“It’s the Super Bowl of Moms,” Lucas did implore.

“Once we came across it, it was too big to ignore.”

Scott Moore chimed in about something effective,

from the first movie, which became their objective,

that their character’s relationship with motherhood

was the thing about the first film they all found quite good.

In talking about Christmas, the pair said it was similar,

How it requires moms to fire on every cylinder.

“You don’t hate Christmas,” he explained as such,

“But sometimes,” he paused, “It gets to be too much.”


It’s not just the holidays that will present a hitch,

The moms’ own moms will be present, that’ll be rich.

Producer Suzanne Todd says the leads all chimed in

about who could play their mothers, their disjointed kin.

Kristen Bell says the moms bring a new impediment,

saying all three leads are now “out of their element.”

Bell’s mother will be played by Cheryl Hines

Which will explain to the audience Kiki’s weird lines.

Kathryn Hahn’s Carla, who brings all the booze in,

Will be humiliated by her mom, Susan Sarandon.

Mila Kunis’ character Amy will have a lot on her plate,

While her mom (Christine Baranski) is prepped to berate.

But perhaps in this moment they’ll have to decide

That they can get along, put their differences aside,

Maybe they’ll come together and not scream and shout

They’ll be a real family, what Christmas is all about.


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