Exclusive Union Furnace Clip Toasts to the Damned

Union Furnace: David Lynch-ian horror satire hits Blu-ray and DVD today

Blending arch performances, mind-bending surrealism and blackly funny David Lynch-ian abstractions, the violent and satirical horror Union Furnace, directed by Nicholas Bushman (Stranger in the Dunes) will be released via Metropol Pictures today on Blu-ray and DVD. Union Furnace stars Mike Dwyer, the brilliant Keith David, Katie Keene and Seth Hammond. The Blu-ray and DVD include a making-of bonus feature, a behind-the-scenes look at the production of Union Furnace, featuring interviews from the cast and crew of the film and more.

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In Union Furnace, small-town crook Cody, at the end of his rope, is offered the chance of his life via a mysterious stranger. There’s just one catch – in this game he has to wager everything, including his life. Cody finds himself trapped amongst a band of outsiders and misfits – all fighting for their lives and a slice of the American dream. Fueled by a horde of masked sadists, Cody and the others will win a fortune or die a brutal death.

To whet your weird whistle, we have an exclusive Union Furnace clip to share. Check it out below and tell us your thoughts!


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