Top 10 Exploding People in Cinema

Exploding people: Here’s our 10 favorite films in which human beings go “kablooey”!

How many high-octane horror and action movies come armed with marketing that boasts about how “EXPLOSIVE!” the picture is. Too many to count, I’d say. But how many actually deliver on their eruptive promises? A precious few…

But there are a series of classic films — mostly horror, naturally — that are indeed explosive. Literally. These movies employed then state-of-the-art special FX to illustrate shocking scenes in which human beings are completely and utterly blown apart. With some of these films, only the heads go kablooey, while other go farther and let the whole torso pop.

No matter what, almost all of these movies caused their once unsuspecting audiences to either gas or cheer, sometimes both.

Here then — in chronological order — is a Friday listicle pick for our 10 favorite films featuring exploding people. See if your favorites made the cut and comment in the section below…


Marvel and DC