10 Characters We Want to See in a Wonder Woman Sequel


Here's our list of Wonder Woman sequel characters we want to see. What Wonder Woman sequel characters do you want to see?

We’ve assembled a list of ten Wonder Woman characters we want to see in the sequel

On June 2nd, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman got her first solo film! Until last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman had never even appeared on the big screen. That’s unfortunate, because Wonder Woman’s comic book history is intertwined with Greek mythology and over seven decades of superhero stories.

While the word on Wonder Woman’s first movie has been overwhelmingly positive, that story only scratches the surface of what future Wonder Woman movies could be. Diana/Wonder Woman has her own lineup of supporting characters and deadly villains who could and should play an important role in her cinematic future.

ComingSoon.net has put together a list of 10 potential Wonder Woman sequel characters we want to see on the big screen. Feel free to share your picks in the comment section below!


Circe would play well in the Wonder Woman sequel. Would you see a Wonder Woman sequel featuring Circe?

Aside from the God of War himself, the sorceress known as Circe has been one of Wonder Woman’s primary adversaries for decades. It’s a pretty safe assumption that Wonder Woman 2 will happen at some point, and Circe is the natural choice to be the next big bad. Since Diana is thousands of years old in this incarnation, her history with Circe can stretch back far longer than it did in the comics.

The important thing to remember is that Circe is literally the same character who appeared in Homer’s The Odyssey, and she does have a habit of turning men into animals and making grand plans to destroy everything that Wonder Woman values. Circe is also immensely powerful, and more than a match for the Amazon heroine. She’s definitely worthy of making a major impact on the DC Extended Universe.

Donna Troy

Donna Troy would be welcome in the Wonder Woman sequel. Would you like to see a Wonder Woman sequel featuring Donna Troy?

The Wonder Woman film may have made a mistake by passing up a chance to introduce Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl. To be honest, Donna’s comic book origins were a mistake from the start, her ever-shifting backstory is headache inducing. The short version is this: she’s Diana’s younger sister. Even when she was retroactively declared to be a magical clone/double, Donna and Diana feel the bonds of sisterhood. Diana has even been Donna’s mentor and best friend among the Amazons, while treating her as an equal. Prior to the New 52 reboot, the close bond between Diana and Donna was one of the best things about both characters. That connection deserves to be explored on the big screen.


Cheetah could be another character that will appear in the Wonder Woman sequel. Would you like to see a Wonder Woman sequel featuring Cheetah?

Cheetah is unique among Wonder Woman’s villains in that she’s both a lethal foe and a close friend of Diana’s. The Golden Age Cheetah, Priscilla Rich, wasn’t quite as interesting as Barbara Ann Minerva, the Cheetah of DC’s Post-Crisis era. As re-envisioned by George Perez, Minerva was essentially Lara Croft before Lara Croft, and she was cursed with the power of the Cheetah during an archeology expedition that left her physically transformed.

The most recent retcon of Wonder Woman and Cheetah has strengthened the bonds of friendship between them, at least for Cheetah’s human half. But as Cheetah, Minerva is still a lethal threat and one of Diana’s most formidable enemies.

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl would make a great addition to the Wonder Woman sequel. Would you like to see a Wonder Woman sequel with Wonder Girl?

Over twenty years ago, comic book icon John Byrne had a run on the Wonder Woman series that left one lasting legacy behind: the modern day Wonder Girl, Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark. While most of Cassie’s character development came in the subsequent Young Justice and Teen Titans series, the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel could introduce Cassie as Diana’s apprentice… a warrior in training who just happens to be a huge geek about the legacy of her mentor.

While Cassie was the daughter of Zeus in her original continuity, the changes of DC’s New 52 reboot made her into Diana’s niece; which only further strengthened their family ties.

Helena Sandsmark

Helena Sandsmark could appear in the Wonder Woman sequel. Would you like to see that iteration of the Wonder Woman sequel?

Of course, Cassie can’t be in a Wonder Woman movie without her mother, Helena Sandsmark as well. Helena was another addition from the Byrne era, and refreshingly, one of Dinana’s few friends who didn’t have a hidden agenda. Like Barbara Minerva, Helena is also an archaeologist who has aligned with Diana and inadvertently become an important part of her life.

Helena and Cassie’s connection to Diana really depends on which backstory is chosen for the big screen. If Cassie is the daughter of Zeus, then Helena isn’t directly related to Diana. But if Cassie’s father is Lennox Sandsmark (Diana’s half-brother) from the New 52 continuity, then Cassie and Diana are related, and Helena would inevitably be more important to both of them.

The First Born

The First Born would be a good villain for the Wonder Woman sequel. Would you like to see a Wonder Woman sequel featuring the First Born?

The First Born is one of the more recent creations for Wonder Woman’s rogue’s gallery. As part of the New 52 reboot, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang introduced the First Born as literally the first born child of Zeus and Hera, whom Zeus attempted to destroy as an infant. You see, there was a prophecy that the First Born would assume the throne of Olympus and destroy the rest of his family. And much like the ancient stories, all attempts to stop that prophecy made it become more and more inevitable.

As Wonder Woman’s half-brother, the First Born is actually far more powerful than she is, and a legitimate challenge for Diana. His ambition to destroy the Gods could also give the sequel an epic scope.


Nemesis could appear in the Wonder Woman sequel. Who would you like to see as the Big Bad in the Wonder Woman sequel?

One of the big problems with setting the first Wonder Woman movie during World War I is that it seems like it will leave Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in the distant past. That would create a big hole in Diana’s life, and that could lead to the big screen introduction of Nemesis, a secret agent and master of disguise.

Thomas Tresser was actually one of the more heroic members of the Suicide Squad before Gail Simone used his alter ego as Diana’s primary love interest and ally during her run on Wonder Woman. Nemesis is not a God and no man could ever truly be Diana’s equal. But he is one of Wonder Woman’s few supporting characters who can handle the more insane aspects of her superhero career. He’s also a hero in his own right, which would make him a strong addition to the sequel.


Giganta could be a big addition to the Wonder Woman sequel. Who would you like to see star in the Wonder Woman sequel?

In the Wonder Woman comics, Giganta has appeared in some pretty stupid stories. For example, in her original origin, Giganta was an ape who was mutated into a very strong woman! More recent revamps have made Giganta into Doris Zeul, a brilliant scientist who can control her size and grow to incredible heights.

Just the visual alone of Wonder Woman fighting a giant woman in a modern setting would be fun to use in a sequel. Giganta may not be enough of a threat to be a film’s solo villain, but she can definitely be a secondary adversary for Diana.

Queen of Fables

The queen of Fables could appear in the Wonder Woman sequel. Who would you like to see play the Wonder Woman sequel villain?

Imagine if every evil queen in every fairy tale was a single, all-powerful woman. That’s the Queen of Fables, “the living embodiment of all evil in folklore.” She was originally created by Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch for their JLA run as a threat to the entire Justice League. But considering Wonder Woman’s resemblance to Snow White, it’s not a surprise that the Queen has focused on destroying her.

Within the comics, the Queen was so evil that the only way for Snow White to defeat her was to use a magical book to transform the Queen’s life into fiction. One of the side effects of the Queen’s return are the emergence of other dark creatures from fairy tales. It might be a stretch to see the Queen of Fables on the big screen, but she can definitely give Wonder Woman a battle to remember.



Given Wonder Woman’s ties to Greek mythology, it was inevitable that one of her greatest foes would be Medusa herself. Any future Wonder Woman sequel wouldn’t have to deal with the heavy lifting of creating Medusa’s backstory. Medusa’s ability to turn anyone who looks at her into stone is iconic, but far from the only thing she can do. In terms of ferocity, Medusa doesn’t have many peers as a warrior, and even Wonder Woman would be hard pressed to defeat her.

In one particularly memorable battle, Wonder Woman actually blinded herself with the venom from Medusa’s headsnakes to avoid being turned to stone herself. That’s the kind of sacrifice a battle with Medusa would require, and she’s probably on the shortlist of villains for Diana to face in the future.

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