Exclusive Clip & CS Video Interview: Edward Burns’ Newlyweds


Actor/filmmaker Edward Burns is back with his tenth film Newlyweds, and Tribeca Film has offered ComingSoon.net an exclusive clip from the film, now playing on Video On Demand, plus we have an interview with Burns and his co-star Caitlin Fitzgerald.

Burns and Fitzgerald play the titular newlyweds, Buzzy and Katie, happily living in New York City and enjoying a married life that doesn’t allow them to see each other much due to their conflicting schedules. Along comes Buzzy’s troubled half-sister Linda (played by Kerry Bishé from “Scrubs”) who needs a place to stay, but whose partying ways immediately causes tension in the household. At the same time, Katie’s own older sister Marsha (Marsha Dietlein Bennette) has been having marital issues of her own, because she think her husband Max (Max Baker) is cheating on her.

Newlyweds was made for roughly $9,000, confirming Burns’ proclivity for retaining his independent spirit, while also shooting all over downtown New York City, the neighborhood where Burns has lived for many years.

In the exclusive clip below, Buzzy and Katie first discuss the arrival of his half-sister, and Burns himself provided this own introduction for the clip:

“The character I play, Buzzy, hopes that wife Katie (“Caitlin FitzGerald”) does not object to his younger sister crashing at their apartment, and tries to have a painless negotiation about her stay.”

A few weeks back, ComingSoon.net had a chance to speak with Burns and his co-star Caitlin Fitzgerald about the movie and in the exclusive video interview below, you can hear them talking about:

* How the project came about
* How Caitlin got involved
* What she drew from to play Burns’ wife
* The fly-on-the-wall doc format Burns used
* How the experience differed for Caitlin from Whit Stilman’s “Damsels in Distress”
* The next project they plan on doing together
* Delivering Ed Burns’ style of dialogue
* Why Burns hasn’t developed ideas like this into television shows
* Dara Coleman’s character, a pretentious actor and Katie’s ex
* Burns talks about Tyler Perry playing Dr. Alex Cross in I, Alex Cross, which you may have already read here

And more!

Newlyweds is now available On Demand and via Digital Download, but it will get limited theatrical runs starting in January as well.