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New Power Rangers Zords Revealed from Upcoming Film

Get to know the Power Rangers characters before you catch the new feature film!

It’s Morphin’ time! For the first time in 20 years, the Power Rangers are heading back to the big screen with a modern reboot. While many of the character names are the same, these aren’t the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that you grew up with. There’s a brand-new cast, and all of the original Power Rangers characters have been reimagined for this story.

Director Dean Israelite has indicated that he wanted this generation of Power Rangers to be deeper than the kids that appeared on the original series. And admittedly, the first team of Rangers did have some pretty bland personalities. While it remains to be seen if Israelite pulled off his goals in this film, we appreciate the effort.

Before Power Rangers opens in theaters on Friday, March 24, we’ve put together a guide to the major Power Rangers characters. Everything you need to know about the movie is here!

Jason Scott / Red Ranger

Jason is one of the Power Rangers characters. He's the Red Ranger!

The early description of Jason Scott indicates that he used to be Angel Grove’s favorite high school quarterback when he was only a freshman. Perhaps Jason could have even had a college and a pro football career, if he hadn’t crashed his car and screwed up his leg. That’s why the former golden boy is among the “troubled” teens at the beginning of this film.

As the Red Ranger, Jason will be the leader of the new generation of Power Rangers as he attempts to redeem himself for his lost years. Dacre Montgomery will portray Jason in the movie.

Kimberly Hart / Pink Ranger

Kimberly is the pink Ranger, one of the most loved Power Rangers characters.

Naomi Scott is stepping into the role of Kimberly Hart, the film’s Pink Ranger. According to her description, Kimberly used to be one of the most popular girls in Angel Grove. But that was six months ago, before she pulled out of school for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Now that she’s back in school, Kimberly is displaying some uncharacteristic rebellious tendencies and hiding a personal secret.

As the Pink Ranger, Kim is one of the most prominent heroes in the film. And she will also be forming a relationship with Jason throughout the course of the movie.

Billy Cranston / Blue Ranger

Billy is the Blue Ranger, one of the most essential Power Rangers characters.

In the original series, Billy was the resident genius of the Power Rangers. And that may still be true in this movie. Except now, Billy has OCD and social anxiety issues to go along with his intellect. Consequently, Billy doesn’t have many friends in this incarnation, and that explains why the future Blue Ranger will be pulled towards his new allies and teammates.

For the film, RJ Cyler is playing Billy.

Trini Kwan / Yellow Ranger

Trini is the yellow Ranger, one of the key Power Rangers characters.

Singer and actress Becky G will portray the Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan. In this incarnation, Trini is always the new girl at school, because her parents constantly travel for work. So, she’s the eternal loner who secretly pines to have her own group of close friends. Trini’s going to get her wish, whether she likes it or not!

Zack Taylor / Black Ranger

Zack is one of the Power Rangers characters. He's played by Ludi Lin.

Rounding out the main heroes is Ludi Lin’s Zack, the team’s resident funny guy and cool kid. Zack’s a little full of himself and never without bravado or swagger. But it’s all an act. Zack is compensating because he doesn’t feel that he truly belongs, and he’s afraid of what people would think if they knew how and where he truly lives. But as the Black Ranger, he’s not going to have too much time for inner reflection!


Zordon is another key one of the Power Rangers characters. He's voice by Bryan Cranston.

Two decades ago, Bryan Cranston provided the voices of two Power Rangers monsters on the original series. He’s come full circle in the new movie, as he steps into the role of Zordon, the mentor of the Power Rangers.

Zordon is now a part of the Morphing Grid that powers the Rangers. But it’s rumored that this film will reveal that Zordon was once a ranger himself.

Alpha 5

Alpha 5 is one of those Power Rangers characters you can't forget. He's voiced by Bill Hader.

It would be hard for the Alpha 5 in this movie to nearly as annoying as his counterpart in the original TV series. And hopefully the film won’t go in that direction. This time, SNL‘s Bill Hader is providing the voice of Alpha 5, who still serves as Zordon’s robotic assistant and as a loyal ally to the Rangers.

Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa is one of the Power Rangers characters in the new film. She's the villain!

Aside from Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks is probably the most recognizable performer in the Power Rangers movie. And she’s got the lead villain role as Rita Repulsa, one of the most starkly re-imagined characters of this reboot. The new Rita is apparently more hands on with her brand of villainy. And her green costume isn’t an accident. It’s rumored that Rita was the Green Ranger millions of years ago alongside Zordon. It’s not clear why Rita turned to evil, but there also some reports which indicate that Lord Zedd (another iconic Power Rangers villain) will be her master.

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