Wonder Woman Will Change How Fans See the Character in Batman v Superman

Wonder Woman Will Change How Fans See the Character in Batman v Superman

Warner Bros. Pictures took an unorthodox approach to creating the DCEU when they expanded it ten fold with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as the film introduced not only a new Dark Knight but set up future appearances by and films featuring Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. In the film we saw Diana as a mysterious woman traveling the world looking for artifacts, but especially a photo of her from her time in World War I (which leads directly into her solo movie). The perception of the character in Batman v Superman is one of someone who has given up being a hero, someone that did it for a while and stopped, only to be brought back into the fold due to a larger threat, at least that’s what we assumed up until now.

With the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film, we learn the origin of Diana and her introduction into the world of man, but we’ll also learn more about the character herself, which will alter how fans will look at her and her story the next time they watch Batman v Superman.

When asked directly if the film leads into an understanding of her “jaded feelings” in the film, director Patty Jenkins replied:

“Yes, there will be, and also it illuminates that there might be a misunderstanding of how we’re perceiving what she actually is thinking in the future. I think this movie ends great and in a way that really helps you to understand her, and she has a lot of shades in the future, but I think really when you look at BvS, it’s a snapshot. You’re not getting a lot of information about her point of view and so I think there’s a lot of complexity in why she’s saying what she’s saying and why she is who she is.”

The Amazon warrior herself, Gal Gadot, spoke about this as well when we saw her on the set of the film, though was a little more guarded since “Dawn of Justice” had yet to hit theaters.

“The character that we shot, that I played in BvS was more realistic and more mature and more of a woman. In this one, this is the coming of age of Diana. She starts as a very naive girl, naive, positive, happy, seeking-for-good girl, but in BvS, she’s been, she’s been through a lot. She already understood the complexity of human beings.”

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters on June 2.


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