10 Totally Depressing Horror Movies

10 Totally Depressing Horror Movies: 10 fright films that will make you want to crawl into a dark hole and stay there for many days

Why do we watch horror movies? That’s a fairly easy question to answer. See, we’re all going to die. This is a fact. And we spend our small lifespans trying very hard to forget this fact. We distract ourselves with things. We get caught up in dramas both real and fabricated. Especially in Western culture. We need these darker entertainments to remind us of these bitter truths and I suppose, in some ways, they are empowering. They allow us to make ourselves feel superior to death. We can see people die and die violently in a movie and come out of it alive and healthy and thankful that we are not THOSE guys in THAT movie.

Now, there are all kind of horror movies and all manner sub-genres. But some of the greatest horror movies of all time don’t leave us wanting to whistle a happy tune. They are soul-smothering and totally depressing fantasy experiences. It’s a masochistic relationship we have with these movies, like picking at scabs and it speaks volumes about our darker sides in that we spend money just so we can feel like s**t.

So if you are truly among the flock of folks seeking to see something that will make you want to crawl into a hole and stay there for days, may we humbly suggest the following 10 fright films whose aim is to promote misery. Skillfully produced and expertly executed misery, but misery all the same.

And beware…this list is FULL OF SPOILERS. Big time. So go no further unless you want to know all…


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