The 35 Best Funko Pop Vinyls from Movies


The 35 Best Funko Pop Vinyls From Movies

The 35 best Funko Pop Vinyls from movies

This past weekend at New York’s Toy Fair, we saw a lot of awesome movie-related items, but the big standout was Funko‘s massive booth featuring hundreds of their adorable Pop Vinyls. Since these adorable little figures seem to be taking over the geek collectable landscape, we thought we’d honor them with a gallery of The 35 Best Funko Pop Vinyls from Movies, which you can flip through below! Our selections include pieces from major franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter, as well as upcoming items from recent hits like Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

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Founded in 1998 by Mike Becker as a way to make pop culture-related bobbleheads, the company was sold in 2005 and began taking on more licensed projects and eventually got into the Pop Vinyls around 2010. Since then, the Pops have become a mainstay of comic book stores and Hot Topic, as well as subscription boxes like Loot Crate, with many becoming highly collectable as they were discontinued, or “vaulted.”

Which of these movie-related Funko Pop Vinyls is your favorite? Was there a good one we left out that you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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