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Girl on the Train Rides Into First, Finding Dory Passes $1 Billion

Win a copy of lurid Emily Blunt psychodrama The Girl on the Train

You probably find it odd that we’re including editorial about the recent adult thriller The Girl on the Train here, in the horror section of, but hear us out. The film, which stars Emily Blunt in a career best performance and which arrived on home video on January 17th after a successful theatrical run, is directed by Tate Taylor and based on the best-selling novel by Paula A. Hawkins. It’s a classic neo-Gothic psychodrama, the kind Hollywood used to make in the 1960s, about a good woman pushed deep into the dark by outside forces that threaten to decimate her. It’s a tale of addiction and obsession and is propelled by a lurid, leering pulp sensibility that is refreshingly played straight.


Blunt plays Rachel, a woman deeply lost in a haze of alcoholism and who rides the train past her former home every day, tormenting herself with memories of her old life and ex husband, who now lives there with his new wife and infant daughter. Rachel becomes fixated on the hose next door, and obsessed with its resident, a beautiufl bloned woman who seems to have the perfect life. Of course, said woman’s life is anything but and soon she winds up missing, possibly murdered. What happened? Rachel stumbles into this mystery and soon is in well over her head. Much sex, melodrama, violence and mystery ensue…

We loved the film lots and we’re happy to report that Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has given us a stack of Blu-ray/DVD combo packs to give away. To win one, email [email protected] with the words “CRAZY TRAIN” in the subject line. Winners will be chosen at random…

And if you don’t want to try your luck, you can still buy or rent The Girl on the Train from Amazon here.

Good luck!