CS Video: Roger Corman Talks His Six-Decade Film Career


CS Video: Roger Corman Talks His Six-Decade Film Career

CS Video: Roger Corman talks his six-decade film career

Last year, not long after cult cinema legend Roger Corman turned 90, we had the chance to interview him to coincide with his new production of Death Race 2050, a legitimate sequel/reboot to 1975’s satirical bloodbath Death Race 2000. It was an honor to sit across from the man who first tapped into teenage audiences with his low-budget delinquent and monster flicks in the ’50s, then his Edgar Allan Poe movies with Vincent Price in the ’60s, then the counterculture drug and biker movies of the late ’60s, the women-in-prison exploitation of the ’70s, on into his recent throwback monster flicks for Syfy. We talked about the highlights of his remarkable career as well as the upcoming Joe Dante-helmed Corman biopic The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes! Check out the interview in the player below!

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Shot in Peru and produced by both Corman and his business partner and wife, producer Julie Corman, Death Race 2050 is yet another go-for-broke look at an America gone made, where auto enthusiasts entertain the masses in a cross-country race where running over and murdering both pedestrians and each other is encouraged and celebrated. Manu Bennett replaces the late David Carradine as the leather clad driver “Frankenstein” and the immortal Malcolm McDowell appears as The Chairman, a character with eerie similarities to a certain current President Elect. Actor-turned-director G.J. Echternkamp takes over for the long since passed Paul Bartel, the multi-hyphenate Corman regular who helped steer the original to screen.

Death Race 2050 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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Special Features include:

The Making of 2050 – This featurette goes behind the scenes of Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050 to explore why, over four decades later, the original Death Race 2000 has been remade, including what made this project appealing to cast and crew, what changes have been made, and what fans of the original will still love. Discover the movie magic behind the deaths, stunts and of course — the cars! Includes interviews with stars, director G.J. Echternkamp and Corman himself.

Cars! Cars! Cars! – Go on the set with the drivers of Death Race 2050 as they introduce their one-of-a-kind killing machines: Frankenstein and his Monster, Perfectus and his Piece of Art, Tammy and the Tank, Minerva and her Sound Box and ABE.

The Look of 2050 – An insider look at how the film’s visual style came together, including how shooting in Peru helped set the tone of the picture and how the costumes became stars in and of themselves.