Exclusive CS Video: Errol Morris on Tabloid


Thanks to a number of his documentaries including the Oscar-winning The Fog of War, filmmaker Errol Morris would probably be seen as a very serious guy, someone who is always trying to uncover every detail and nuance of whatever story he has decided to tackle for his latest movie. That may be why his latest doc Tabloid might seem like such a departure for him.

This one tells the story of Joyce McKinney, a Midwest beauty queen who fell in love with a mormon named Kirk Anderson, and when his church sent him to England, presumably to separate them, she followed him and kidnapped him. Or at least that’s what the police and the Mormon Church claimed–McKinney saw it differently–and the story quickly got picked up by the tabloids as they glommed onto every last detail about McKinney and her love tryst, her brazen escape from England and then all of the dirty laundry that popped up the more they looked into her life.

Earlier this week, ComingSoon.net sat down with Mr. Morris for another one of our exclusive low-fi CS Videos, and for whatever reason, the interview started out kind of rough and it didn’t seem to be going very well–maybe because Morris felt like he was a subject of one of his own movies and instinctually was careful about what he said? (Or more likely, he had answered many of our early questions countless times since the film premiered last September.) It only took a few minutes though before he started to warm up and be a little more open with answers, and by the end of the interview, he was actually quite animated, talking enthusiastically about his love for the Weekly World News. Yes, we’re pretty sure this was the same Errol Morris who directed The Fog of War.

Tabloid opens in New York, L.A. and many other cities. You can find the full theatrical listings on Facebook.

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