10 Things We Learned from the New Force Awakens Blu-ray

10 Things We Learned from the New Force Awakens Blu-ray

Lucasfilm and Disney are releasing a brand-new 3D edition of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray, and we had a chance to watch it with the all-new J.J. Abrams commentary track as well as scope out some of the new deleted scenes in the package. You can check out our rundown of 10 Things We Learned From the New The Force Awakens Blu-ray in the gallery below, and get your copy of the disc on November 15!

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Those looking for clues as to what may unfold in Episode VIII might be a little disappointed, although there are a few hints which we discuss in detail in the gallery. In actual fact, much of the commentary consists of Abrams either explaining the obvious or complimenting the actors and crew who worked on the film.

Says Abrams of Rey’s hairdo during a scene, “I cannot say enough about Lisa Tomblin, by the way, who created the three-bun hair scenario, which is also my favorite Ludlum novel.”

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So yes, the commentary is very funny and entertaining, though light on reveals, but it does open up the curtain on Abrams’ creative process and a lot of the things he changed or whittled down in order to get the movie we wound up with.

Unfortunately a more comprehensive “making of” book or documentary has yet to be made available, and we probably shouldn’t expect one until well after Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX comes out in 2019. Until then, this new disc may be the most comprehensive resource yet for Star Wars fans. Read on!